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Fare Split

Fare split is a popular extension we recently added to an already award winning Uber App. The premise is simple: share the cost of a trip by adding friends to the payment process.

After starting a trip, the user invites riders in the car to share the cost by choosing from a simplified contacts list. The friends then find split invitations waiting for them within their own Uber Apps.

After releasing this feature, we were met with widespread praise and excitement. Not only was it a feature many people wanted, but the ease of use led users to rely on it far more often than expected.

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Conference Rooms

At Uber, we built an in-house iPad app to help organize use of our many meeting spaces. After reviewing the competitor landscape, we determined that an in-house solution could be a simpler and more straightforward choice for our use cases.

This clean design allows for interpretation at quick glance. It is also very easy to book a room on demand, as you walk into the room, while knowing in advance how much time is available. Additionally, as team members walk through the office seeking quick meeting space, they can use the "other rooms" section and the office map graphics to make the process faster.

The system is now used religiously by every group at HQ and has significantly lessened the chaos surrounding conference room scheduling.

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Office Hours

Much of my work at Uber relates to making the Driver Operations Team's work easier and more efficient. As we invested time to shadow the driver office hours process, we began to understand how hectic and disorganized the process had become, as more and more drivers joined the service.

This Mac App allows Uber's Driver Operations Team to collaborate and manage a single combined workflow queue. The team members have full visibility to all drivers waiting for help, as well as the current expected wait times. As drivers reach the front of the queue, Uber team members can write short notes as well as retrieve quick information that might aid the discussion.

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Cycling Kits

My passion for cycling and wearing spandex led me to explore the world of apparel design. I designed kits for both the Uber crew and my personal trainer's team, then researched and sourced vendors, leading the charge for the order.

The Uber kits were so well received that we are in discussions regarding the launch of a running gear line, as well.

I am currently a UX designer at Uber, specializing in Experience & Visual Design with a touch of Front End. I have a passion for creating simple, easy to use interfaces and enjoy injecting my quirky personality into the projects I deliver.

The thing I love most is a sense of community and family. Most choices I make in my life revolve around this - from my large, goofy group of friends to my impeccable choice of employers.

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